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Welcome to my website. I am an independent researcher & trainer. I work as a freelancer for private and non-profit organizations. Through my personal experience and my work with foster children & carers, I discovered the importance of structuring, telling a story in line with your emotions and easy to share. With years of experience in the ICT sector and as a teacher, I developed tools, surveys and campaigns for many professionals and students over the years. On most projects, I also bring expertise as an accessibility consultant.

Accessible communication, SEO processes & tools, UX, online surveys and events.
Automated referencing and reporting.


Reports, Press Releases, Press reviews, surveys, speeches, infographic content, educational material (parental & school-related material).


-Evidence-based research, evaluation of indicators and data collecting processes/ modelling
-Supporting the development, implementation and monitoring of international and national policies/ legislation on disability & children’s rights.
Accessibility and universal design.

Workshops on writing & monitoring projects, educational strategies for children with specific needs, storytelling techniques, strategic narratives, positioning, AI concepts and impact, Universal design principles.

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Transversal projects
-Country evaluations, surveys and best practices in line with UN conventions & EU regulations and international standards.
-Assessing accessibility design for new projects (community based care organizations, website, events, thematic guide).
-International overview of AI projects supporting inclusion and accessibility.
-Overview of best practices aimed at families with children with disabilities at international level
-Capacity building assessment and recommendations for tools selection.

AI , Accessibility, Children’s rights, Education, Health care, STEM


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