Season’s Greetings 2022

Sometimes it is difficult to choose what made a year
If I forget anything, please remind me:-)
Collective memories are such a gift we share…

Thumbs up to our accessible coding, practical guides, and all tools and resources created this year!
We switched the focus on involving users in research
We enhanced participation tools through accessibility
We showed that accessibility is not just understanding a message amid a crisis

Accessibility is so much more
Accessibility is playing, learning. It involves all interactions at any age
Accessibility is key in assessment equity, to keep learners engaged, to get feedback in crisis situations,
or to remain visible as a patient in healthcare
Inspirations came from my little sign language users, my fellow writers, researchers,
developer’s communities, choir teacher…

This year, I helped check the accessibility of emerging technologies involving or impacting children with indicators and evidence-based research. And currently checking how conversational AI for healthcare uses can be accessible for children

Collaborative exercise on accessibility at a workshop for children 2021

If we cannot read, we draw,
If we can’t see colors, we explain differences,
If we can’t speak , we sing,
If we can’t sing, we sign,
If we can’t feel for a moment, we ask or sit down for a while,
If we can’t ask, we buzz or beep,

If you can’t understand a chatbot you print screen and ask for help or information…
There are always ways for us to question, learn and communicate.

Best wishes for 2022!

Published by indigomama

Indigomama is a cross-cultural mom living in Europe between two cities and two stories. She is a multilingual copywriter, Communications Expert & Trainer.

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