Some story- epiphanies in my life


Poetry of the senses
I think  I learned how to tell stories from my grandmother’s side. Her visual impairment seemed to make it impossible to stick to a recipe, a writing pad. Imagination always got the best part. I think impairment gives way to the best evolutions in life. Even if it does not always make sense on the spur of the moment.

Exile and mind shift
What are you studying? Cultural identities?  Values? But why?
Because I want to know why it is so important. Why do people need a sense of belonging? Why are people so afraid to lose their identity under circumstances?
I was lucky to teach young people at that time. Never research without teaching or exchanging. The lesson I learned.

The two brains
Little did I know how an algorithm could have an impact on my life. I went to work with these colleagues commonly known as ‘geeks’, I found respectful work relationships. They were my first listeners, I believe I could only start developing  models which such an audience…

“Mommy tell me a story you read in your mind tonight”. My child asked me. There I started thinking, this is becoming serious:-) let’s try and understand what lies behind this storytelling.

For all
My work is dedicated to the inclusion of all children in society. With the hope we will get there. Helping the most vulnerable children help you build your capacity, they trigger a perspective change. No wonder you start innovating!

A little lining comes is like the silver lining, the sparkle you believe in. It bears the initials of the 4 children of my life.

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