Season’s Greetings

shadow of a Christmas Ball

Thank you

I hope you are doing well and wanted to thank you
for our collaborative work and exchanges.
This year, my work on accessibility, responsible AI, and child participation
brought me 4 learnings I wanted to share as a gift:

  • check existing AI curricula,
  • be part of international networks,
  • check research mentioning computational methods,
  • mention accessibility guidelines and inclusive design principles in AI frameworks.

Check existing AI curricula

Unesco AI curricula (based on knowledge, skills, and value)

Be part of international networks

The AI4belgium community made a catalog of resources on AI for children.
The NYU ‘We are AI course’ introduces the concept of learning cycles and highlights competencies throughout the course:

  • The ability to recognize AI,
  • Be critical in interpreting data,
  • Identify and describe key ethical issues surrounding AI

It is an article on Artificial intelligence in African K-12 settings which inspired my module on senses and sensors.
I also find the learning progression concept in an article about teaching AI at the K-12 levels in the Asia-Pacific region very interesting as it mentions age-appropriate curricula but also new dimensions as developmental stages and learning needs.

Check research mentioning computational methods

Mention accessibility guidelines and inclusive design principles in AI guidance

UNICEF just issued a report on Accessible and inclusive digital solutions for girls with disabilities It explains how disability and gender increase the digital gap. A lot of principles of inclusive design are also useful for all children. By mainstreaming accessibility guidelines, especially in AI guidance, we make sure everyone is included.

In 2023

I will continue to work on inclusive AI literacy, algorithmic governance, and ethics for children.

Have a wonderful year-end and a healthy 2023!

I chose the image of the shadow of a decorative ball I keep the whole year to remind me that each day can have its silver lining, its golden hour, we just need to find the best timing to catch it:-)

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